Best Shot UltraMax Pro Clarifying Shampoo (17 ounce)

Best Shot UltraMax Pro Clarifying Shampoo (17 ounce)
Clarifying Shampoo.


Best Shot UltraMax Pro Clarifying Treatment was engineered specifically for Professionals! This Clarifying treatment safely removes build-up from waxes, oils, resins, conditioners, hairsprays, and gels, effectively washes out chalks and heavy silicones, and rids hard water mineral deposits, salts, chlorine and other chemical build-up from swimming. Use the Pro Clarifying Shampoo with any of the Best Shot protein conditioners and finishing sprays to add body, release shedding and blow out undercoat. UltraMax is natural, biodegradable and soap free! It harnesses naturally derived coconut cleansers with the finest cosmetic ingredients available. Dilutes 20:1. Ingredients: Water, SLES, ALES, Cocamide DIPA, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, DMDM Hydantoin,  Decolorized Aloe Vera Gel Extract, Proprietary Sweet Pea Botanical Essence, Citric Acid.