Chris Christensen's Large Ionic Brass/Boar Bristle Brush

Chris Christensen's Large Ionic Brass/Boar Bristle Brush
Ionic Brush.


There are over 75 breeds that need this brush! The ionic positive charge brings a sheen to the surface of the coat beyond your wildest imagination. Creates a healthier coat from within by bringing the blood circulation to the surface. 100% static free, .06 Gauge Brass Bristles with Outer Row of High Quality Boar Bristle with a lightweight Beech Wood Handle.
How the Chris Christensen Ionic Brushes Work: The inner Brass Bristles are non-static and remove dead hair and dander. The Boar (The Original) or Nylon (The Purple) outer row of bristles smoothes and polishes the coat. If you were to run this brush up and down your arm you would see that it would be full of all the collected dead skin! Using Ionic Brass Brushes on wet coats or with any liquid products will oxidize the brass and shorten the life of your brush, so take care not to expose to water or liquids. They are intended to be used as finishing brushes on clean, dry coats.