Double K 2500 Extreme Force Dryer

Double K 2500 Extreme Force Dryer
Force dryer.


ChallengAir Extreme (Black Variable Speed) Most powerful two motor, two speed professional dryer. Remarkable quiet design offers tremendous velocity, volume and value. Features two twin turbine motor/fan assemblies mounted in noise and vibration dampening enclosures. Solid-state variable speed control allows versatile temperature, volume and velocity adjustments and eliminates low-speed rapid brush wear problems. Very high impact resistant clamshell housing is rust and dent proof and provides easy access to motors and components for brush changes and servicing. Hose mounts to the dryer with convenient half twist motion. Dual air filtration protects motors and shop air quality. Includes multiple "twist on" nozzles along with Double K's "air sweep" nozzle designed to blow water off in sheets.