Chris Christensen's Coat Link Coat Dressing (10 ounce)

Chris Christensen's Coat Link Coat Dressing (10 ounce)
Coat Dressing.


Hydration is one of the most important elements in a healthy, springy, controlled and shiny coat. Chris Christensen's Coat Dressing replenishes and completely transforms coats with 4x more moisturizers, so lack of manageability, lack of sheen are a thing of the past. Produces a springy coat, deeper richer colors, complete manageability of unruly coat and virtual freedom from frizz instantly. Works great on providing flowing definition and multi-dimensional shine to double coated breeds and flowing, smooth lines on drop-coated breeds. Has an easy-to-use whipped mousse formula for lightness and styleability creating long-lasting volume with a touchable feel. Infused with a complex of triple natural lanolin to strengthen and repair fine, limp coat; leaving it thicker and healthier looking.