Chris Christensen's OC Magic Foam Self Rinse (64 ounce)

Chris Christensen's OC Magic Foam Self Rinse (64 ounce)
Self Rinse.


Chris Christensen's OC "Optic Clarifier" Magic Foam is a Self Rinse that elminates problems involved in maintaining & grooming harsh wire coats to delicate soft-coated breeds. OC Magic Foam creates multiple benefits; deep optic clarifying cleansing, will not soften wire coats and will not weigh down delicate coats, leaving no residue behind. Its natural, non-fragrant yet deodorizing ingredients provide important elements, eliminating dry, itchy skin and dander, leaving your canine and/or feline in top show condition, smelling fresh, but never perfumed. OC Magic Foam is the only solution for removing hair spray, chalk or heavy products, saving valuable time by not having to re-bathe. The dense foam allows you to easily clean exactly where you need it from furnishing to daily maintenance on all breeds and alleviates problems that arise with over saturation.